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Bringing thoughts to life one word at a time

The world is a fascinating place. We get one life to live it. An opportunity to meet so many different people and to see so many different places. Creating numerous memories. Each a story in itself. Creating, designing and dreaming are my passions. From my life's experiences and passions, my characters are born inspiring me to pen-down stories that light up my mind.

I invite you to visit their world and experience their joys and turmoils. 


An Olympic Gold leads to the greatest loss of his life.

Two men struggle around the closet. One locked inside, shackled by his love of badminton, fearful of the world outside. The other is proud and out, a bull on the rugby pitch, tackling monsters of his past.


To find each other, Saaransh must accept his reality—a proud sports star who can become the symbol of dignity for the queer community in India. Brendon needs to bury the ghosts of his past and find a way to stop Saaransh’s self-destruction.

"Stories are not material to be analyzed; they are relationships to be entered"

Arthur Frank


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