Reading is a conversation.

All books talk.

But a good book listens as well.

Mark Haddon

The Broken Code

What the reader says?

 Strong plot, lucid narrative

Very well etched out characters who have their own interesting personalities. The love story between the two protagonists feels very beautiful and genuine. It should be one of the very strong points of the story. 

The suspense - which is the chief ingredient of this book and is the element that kept this reader hooked - is augmented with a romance and a believable conflict between Alisha and Nick that keeps the story flowing along nicely.

The story has a good pace and there are not many dull moments in the story. The end is convincingly built and the personal backstory is nicely handled.

The story is fast-moving and full of emotions. Nick and Alisha keep the narrative running while giving an insight into their thoughts. 

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