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Reading is a conversation.

All books talk.

But a good book listens as well.

Mark Haddon

The Broken Code

What the reader says?

Front Cover-Trim-5in x 8in _edited.jpg

 Strong plot, lucid narrative

Very well etched out characters who have their own interesting personalities. The love story between the two protagonists feels beautiful and genuine. It should be one of the strong points of the story. 

The suspense - which is the chief ingredient of this book and is the element that kept this reader hooked - is augmented with a romance and a believable conflict between Alisha and Nick that keeps the story flowing along nicely.

The story has a good pace, and there are not many dull moments in the story. The end is convincingly built, and the personal backstory is nicely handled.

The story is fast-moving and full of emotions. 

All the Lines to Cross

What the reader says?

ATLTC-Ebook-Ver2-01 Cover.png

A romance that'll tickle your bones.

Sharon is a tough nut - an orthopedic surgeon - while Jon is a footballer. Their skirmishes are well orchestrated by the author.

A romantic comedy meets edgy medical drama. Bad boy vs. wild geek girl; sounds typical? Yeah, but this one makes you want to read more of it, want more of the action! Even the cusses are adorable.


A story that shows how trust is the most important aspect of any relationship.


What the reader says?


Shy is a heartwarming storyI thought their love was very hard-won.

I couldn't put the book down and was rooting for the two. 


With many stories that feature multiple POVs, there is a struggle to give each character their own voice. But with this story, I feel like Brendon and Saaransh had their own voices in their chapters.

Loved Saaransh and Brendon’s relationship. I found the story thought-provoking and poignant.

Good plot and character development and a compelling story.

You will feel connected with every character: intriguing narrative and engrossing writing style.


This is such an unforgettable, well-written, and stunning read. The story is super fun and entertaining. My favorite character has to be Saaransh, though I loved Brendon too. They have such a chemistry that made me fall in love with their bond.


The lead pair is charming, and the chemistry shines through the narrative. Saaransh is such a lovely character; I would totally hug the guy and protect him from the world.


We witness Saaransh's life being torn apart because of discrimination, and that's where the author wins—done a  beautiful job of portraying the delicate as well as the passionate.

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