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Colors of Spring

Expressions of spring in myriad blooms. Swaying in the gentle breeze under the Sun. The unsynchronised dance speaks of co-existence in diversity. They whisper through our eyes. Their beauty and exuberance trigger a smile every time. Soft and gentle, they bring comfort in their cuddle. Celebrating love in each one of us. We may represent different colors but inside us, there is only a singular good that prevails.

Our colored Spring.

Color me blue, in a love that is true,

Free from hues of bigotry,

So you see me without any false imagery,

Color me with greens,

Help me breaking through the screens,

Letting our love grow,

Unhindered like the forest sow,

Color me in yellow,

Glowing in the light, all mellow,

Sharing the warmth of my soul,

In turn, making me whole,

Color me red,

Help me spread the smiles as we tread,

In this journey through life,

With compassion and care to overcome the strife.

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