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Words bring a smile

Courtsey: pixabay

Ever seen someone with a goofy grin when they are reading a book. Most probably they are reading something humorous. #booklovers always have a favorite funny character. The character that makes you smile when you think about them. The character that makes you laugh. The character that can get you out of your gloomy funk anytime.

My absolute fav is Tigger from Winnie the Pooh by A.A.Milne. A character I would die to be with any time in my life. He is super-active and full of pranks. Quite bouncy to be frank. But then in not so many words, he puts life into a fresh perspective. Leaving you with what I call-Tigger Wisdom.

So, which is your fav funny character and why?

While you are still here. If you are looking to lighten your mood before the year-end or wanting to start the New year with a smile, here are a few lists that can help you chose a book.

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